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Natural Bee Husbandry is published by Northern Bee Books. Please contact us at or telephone +44 1 (0) 1422 882751

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Print & Digital Subscription (one year / four issues)



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This subscription includes both the printed publication and a digital account for 1 years subscription to the new quarterly journal Natural Bee Husbandry. The first issue of the magazine will be published by Northern Bee Books in October and will be available wherever you are in the world. The digital account allows access to unlimited downloads of the full journal readable on both desktop and tablet computers and mobile phones. The printed publication will be shipped Autumn, Winter 2016 & Spring, Summer 2017. Postage is dependent on location, pay once now and the magazine will be shipped without charge for the remainder of the 4 issue subscription. Personalised email briefings will be issued alerting you to access of the digital journals as soon as they are available.